1. Why use the REALTOR® Badge instead of the REALTOR® logo?

The REALTOR® Badge provides a real-time verification from the National Association of REALTORS® proving to consumers that you belong to an elite group of real estate professionals. This dynamic digital badge also links to your profile, which includes your photo, market areas, specializations, languages and current year committee appointments.

2. What does the badge look like?

This is what the badge looks like when
you are an active member of NAR.

3. What if I'm missing information on my profile?

For California users, you may always update this information by going to the C.A.R. web site at Click on My Account and then My Member Web Page. Include your specializations, cities and personal description.

4. What do I do if the REALTOR® Badge doesn't show up on my web site but I am a REALTOR®?

You should update your member information with your local Association of REALTORS®. They will then update the information in NRDS, the National REALTOR® Database System.

5. Where can I put the REALTOR® Badge?

You can insert the badge on any browser based web site that uses an iFrame. An iFrame is an HTML tag that allows the REALTOR® Badge to verify your NRDS status without affecting the performance of your web site.

Insert the REALTOR® Badge into your email signature. The best way to do this is search your e-mail Help for "Email Signature" and follow their instructions.

Add the REALTOR® Badge to your Facebook page. Click here to view a PDF document that explains how to do this.

Use the REALTOR® Badge as many places as you have web sites such as: profile pages on your company web sites, property sites, blogs and more.

6. How Do I Put the REALTOR® Badge On My Web Site?

When you sign up for the REALTOR® Badge, we ask for your NRDS Id to verify your membership status with NAR. To look up your NRDS id, click here.

If you are an active REALTOR® member, we then have a button to allow you to get the html code that you need to embed into your web site or your e-mail signature.

Give the code to your web master or administrator and let him/her know where you want the badge displayed. If you are familiar with HTML and updating your web site content, you can add the code yourself.

ActiveRain Real Estate Network users can embed the REALTOR® Badge by doing the following:
1. Log into ActiveRain at
2. Under your profile, choose the section you'd like to place the badge in
3. Click the "HTML" logo on the top tool bar
4. Paste your REALTOR® Badge code in the new window that opens
5. Click "Save Profile"

7. What are the dimensions of the REALTOR® Badge?

The REALTOR® Badge comes in two sizes. The large badge is 315 pixels wide by 153 pixels tall. The small badge is 185 pixels wide by 93 pixels tall. The e-mail badge is 85 pixels wide and 105 pixels tall.