REALTOR® Badge Benefits

The REALTOR® Badge is a personalized widget that verifies your status and displays your REALTOR® information from NRDS, including office and designation information.

The REALTOR® Badge is an easy way to add value to your reputation and online presence. Placing the badge on your web site gives your current and prospective clients the assurance that you are more than a real estate agent, you are a REALTOR® who subscribes to a strict code of ethics.

REALTOR® Badge Overview

Place the REALTOR® Badge on your web site.

When your clients or prospective clients click on the badge, this screen displays.

REALTOR® Badge Details

It looks nice, right? But why does it add value to you?

Just take a look at all that it offers. The section highlighted below is your information from NRDS, the National REALTOR® Database System.

  • 1. Your name, as it appears in NRDS
  • 2. Your member type
  • 3. Your state association
  • 4. The date your record was verified in NRDS
  • 5. The badge, containing your name, Department of Real Estate Number and the date your information was verified in NRDS
  • 6. Your office name, office address and phone number
  • 7. Your local association
  • 8. Your member type
  • 9. Displays if you are a Designated REALTOR®
  • 10. Displays any designations you have earned


For members of C.A.R., the REALTOR® Badge offers additional information from your profile information. Robert has filled out Market Areas and Specializations, and he serves on C.A.R. committees. Your badge will have your information.

  • 11. Your photo
  • 12. Links directly to the CA Department of Real Estate home page
  • 13. LInks directly to the CA DRE license lookup tool
  • 14. Displays your areas of specialization
  • 15. Displays any current year committee appointments you may have

For Your Clients

All of this information is great for you, but what about your clients? How will they know what any of this means?

We've taken care of that, as you see below. When you mouse over any of the green, underscored items on your profile, a hover displays that explains what your customer is looking at. On the left side of the screen, there are links to NAR's web site with information about the Code of Ethics for REALTORS®.

  • 16. Hover that explains what a Designated REALTOR® is when you mouseover the Designated REALTOR® link
  • 17. Hover that explains what Areas are when you mouseover the Areas link
  • 18. Hover that explains what Specializations are when you mouseover the Specializations link
  • 19. Hover that explains what Committees are when you mouseover the Committees link
  • 20. Hover that explains Designations means when you mouseover the designation abbreviation
  • 21. Link to NAR's web site.

Get it Now!

So now that you know what the REALTOR® Badge is, what are you waiting for?